Ontec Air control system for the aviation industry

Ontec Air control system has been developed especially for the needs of the aviation industry. All functions can be integrated into a single system. The control system includes features such as the handling of JET A1 aviation fuel, and OntecJetAir monitoring and maintenance program.

Features of Ontec Air control system include:

  • OnatexMID truck loading
  • OntecJetAir monitoring and maintenance program
  • tank measurements
  • automatic sampling
  • automatic measurement of water content in a sample
  • differential pressure monitoring
  • field instruments
  • consignment notes
  • gas concentration measurements
  • weather stations
  • lighting
  • fire water system
  • RFID identification
  • alarm and event history

Ontec Oy

  • Sutelantie 277
  • 48400 Kotka - Finland
  • Tel. +358 5 229 6300
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